Paul Chrystal

Paul attended the Universities of Hull (BA Hons)  and Southampton (MPhil) where he  took degrees in Classics, and the University of Sorbonne, Paris.  For the next  thirty-five years he  worked in medical publishing, much of the time as an international sales director for one market or another while latterly creating  medical educational programmes for the pharmaceutical industry.  He worked for companies such as Wolfe Medical,  CV Mosby, Churchill Livingstone, Wiley-Blackwell, CRC Press, Academic Press and Elsevier.

He has   since been  history advisor to local visitor attractions such as the National Trust in York, writing features for national newspapers, and broadcasting on BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Tees, on the Radio 4 PM programme and on the BBC World Service.
He blogs and podcasts, and is a contributor to a number of history and archaeology magazines; he is author of over 120 books and articles published since 2010 on a wide range of subjects including classical,  social and military history; social histories of  tea, coffee, chocolate  and sweets;  BAOR, and  the ‘Troubles’; many of his books are on York and Yorkshire. His latest book is The History of the World in 106  Pandemics, Poxes, Plagues & Epidemics: from the plague of Athens to COVID-19 – due for publication in early  2021.
He is  a regular reviewer for and contributor to ‘Classics for All’, editorial advisor for Yale University Press and a contributor to the classics section of  ‘Bibliographies on Line’ published by  Oxford University Press.
In 2019 he  was  guest speaker for Vassar College New York’s London Programme in association with Goldsmith University.  In 2020 he took   over  as History Editor  for the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal having previously been editor of York Historian.
His latest book is The Book in the Ancient World: How the Wisdom of the Ages Was Preserved –  due for publication in early 2024.

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