A History Of Britain In 100 Objects

The history of a nation in the objects that define it.

There are many ways by which the history of a nation can be defined: by places, people, its laws, politics, economics and culture.

Significant objects are another defining factor and it is through objects that this book tells the history of Britain from prehistoric times to the modern age.

One hundred historically significant objects speak out as emblems of a particular event in Britain’s history – from the earliest fossils and stone tools of our ancient ancestors, to the development of a vaccine for coronavirus; from the Magna Carta which defines our justice system to the iconic red telephone box and BBC microphone.

Fully illustrated with colour images and fascinating insights into each object, this book will show you the history of this ancient country and the objects that made it.

Acclaimed history author Paul Chrystal has drawn on his experience in the history of this nation and his many years researching and writing books, as well as broadcasting on the BBC and contributing to many publications to come up with this definitive list of objects.