Bramhall Through Time

Bramhall is a thriving, bustling suburb of Stockport, close to Manchester. It has been voted the least ‘lonely place’ in Britain and has a rich history stretching back to Anglo- Saxon days, the envy of communities twice the size. All of this is captured in Bramhall Through Time, in nearly 200 evocative pictures illuminating the fascinating past and new images showing how things have changed. An incisive and informative text guides the reader through the history of Bramhall and its immediate area. The book takes the reader back to the very early days to meet Saxon Brun and Hacun, whose lands were given over by Willliam the Conqueror to Hamon de Massey, who eventually became the first Baron of Dunham Massey. It also visits the elegant Bramham Hall with its park, the estates that are Parkside, New House Farm, Dairyground and Little Australia, the trendy shops and bars clustered around the historic village square and follows the beautiful Ladybrook Valley through the area. The book also takes in neighbouring Cheadle , Hazle Grove, Manchester airport, Styal and Wythenshawe where old and new pictures are juxtaposed to show how things have changed in these communities over the past hundred years and more. – See more at:

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