Changing Scarborough

Scarborough has a rich and varied history extending from the Roman signal station and the marauding hordes of Vikings under Tostig Godwinson and Harald III of Norway through its revival under Henry II who built the Angevin stone castle and granted charters in 1155 and 1163 permitting a market and rule by burgesses. The changing fortunes of the castle and its role in the Civil War, the founding of the spa and development of tourism and establishment of famous hotels are detailed in the exhaustive Changing Scarborough: From Romans to Renaissance Town. Also covered are the associations with Anne Bronte, the Scarborough Riots and the role of the famous Quaker family, the Rowntrees, and the town’s dramatic and lethal bombardment in the First World War, the famous lifeboat, Alan Ayckbourn, the Sitwells and the treasures of St Martin on the Hill. Old images are juxtaposed with modern equivalents to provide a fascinating historical journey that will delight visitors and residents alike.