Hartlepool Through Time

This book tells the fascinating story of the town of Hartlepool. Covering events from the twelfth century through to today, it provides a history of life here through the years with informative captions linking the old and the new. Featuring factories, streets, houses, shops, schools and churches, and the people who lived, learned, worshipped and worked in them, all aspects of life in Hartlepool and surrounding villages is covered. Hartlepool Through Time offers today’s residents a unique glimpse of how their town used to look, as well as exciting nostalgia in those who used to live or work here. The story of Hartlepool is, of course, the story of three towns: the ancient Hartlepool clustered around the Headland; the thriving Victorian new town of West Hartlepool; and the amalgamated Hartlepool comprising Old and West Hartlepool.