Huddersfield Through Time

Famous as the birthplace of rugby league and of former Prime Minister Harold Wilson as well as being the childhood home of Herbert Asquith, Huddersfield rose to prominence during the Industrial Revolution as a major centre of textile production. Evidence of the town’s prosperity during the Victorian era can still be seen in its magnificent railway station and town hall, as well as in the many other fine nineteenth-century buildings that can be found around the centre, and in the fact that Huddersfield boasts the third highest number of listed buildings in the country. This is a town that has witnessed considerable change over the past century and Huddersfield Through Time charts its development through a collection of fascinating photographs, old and new, that help to illustrate its appeal, not only to those wanting to get to know it better, but also to long-time residents who thought they knew all about their native town. Neighbouring villages such as Derby Dale are also included in the book.

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