York A – Z

York A-Z is a book to dip into, to answer questions, settle arguments, arouse and satisfy curiosity, while at the same time providing an authoritative and enjoyable history of this most fascinating city. Here you will meet Constantine, Ivar the Boneless, Guy Fawkes, Thomas Cooke, Francis Drake. Dr Slop, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mutton Curry and Blind Tom. You will visit Bitch Daughter Tower, the Bagnio, Bettys Briefing Room, the Ice House, the Poor Clares, Tyburn and the Doom Window. You will learn how the famous Rowntree and Tuke families were central to the industrial and social fabric of the city as an ecclesiastical and political centre: andv how William Netty RA, Dr Evelyn and J.B. Morrell helped save York from irreversible municipal vandalism. Presented in short, digestible, illustrated chunks, this fascinating little guide is, for both resident and visitor, an indispensable historical companion to the City of York. Foreword by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Keith Hyman.