Yorkshire Literary Landscapes

Yorkshire Literary Landscapes celebrates the lives and works of writers and authors who have been influenced by the towns and countryside of Yorkshire.

Many of these authors were born and lived in the county, and Yorkshire informed their work; others visited to research novels which were set there. In either case, the individual landscapes had a profound influence on the writing of these authors, which is evident in their work.

Authors such as the Brontës, Alan Bennett, Ted Hughes, J. B. Priestley, Susan Hill, Charles Dickens, Bram Stoker, James Herriot and Elizabeth Gaskell would all find fascinating insight and inspiration from the urban and rural landscapes of Yorkshire, as well as its history and people.

This book, by renowned Yorkshire writer and historian Paul Chrystal, looks at the lives and works of these authors and many more, describing the Yorkshire landscapes and locations which coloured and influenced their writing and characters, and which can still be visited today.

Includes historic photographs and illustrations.

Perfect for anyone with a love of Yorkshire’s history and its varied landscape, whether a tourist or resident in the county.